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The Instagram Story database, developed by a team of more than 150 engineers, has become a favorite for many journalists who post photos and videos.

But it’s not only a place for posting images and videos, it also includes information about people and companies.

This week, the company announced a new feature that allows users to tag the people they are following in posts.

And the database is getting more and more sophisticated.

The new features include a new tab called Tag Tags, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Tag” button in the right-hand sidebar.

It allows users the ability to tag people in posts that are related to the person they are posting the photo or video for.

Here’s a sample of the Tag Tags tab: The new tab will allow you to see the people you follow in posts related to your location.

The first tab, called Locations, will show you the names of locations within a certain radius.

Then, you can tag a person in a photo or post by using their phone number.

If you’re a photojournalist, you’ll be able to tag a photo with their photo by tagging their phone, or by searching for their photo in the photo database.

But you can also tag people by email addresses and the location of their offices.

The app has a special feature that lets you tag a location with an image of a building that you can see from your home.

If your Instagram account is signed in, you will see this feature in the “location” section.

And you can add people to your account from your account.

And when you’re tagged in a video, you also have the option to tag with the person’s name.

You can also choose whether to tag posts with the phone number or email address.

And finally, you’re able to use your camera to tag photos in the same way you would with a tag on a location.

Tag Tags also has the ability for you to tag videos in a way that will automatically change when you change your location in the app.

For example, you could tag a video of you driving and a friend of yours driving.

When you see a video where you’re driving, you would then tag a friend to do the same thing.

So, for example, if you were to see a friend driving and your car was in the parking lot, you’d tag them and their car with the same tag.

And in the future, we’ll also be adding a new location feature, which is something we hope will make tagging videos much easier and quicker.

The next tab, Photos, is more limited.

But the other two tabs are much more useful, including an option to search for people and places based on geographic locations.

And there are also the search boxes for specific categories.

There are also filters for certain tags, and you can sort them by color, and by what kind of information they contain.

In the photo editing category, you get a photo filter, as well as the ability filter photos by the time they were taken.

And if you want to add a photo of your dog to a video that you are editing, you have the ability add a filter to that video, which allows you to filter by location and time.

You also have a “tag a person” button that allows you tag your friends in a post, and then tag your dog.

But there’s also a new option that allows tags to be applied to a person without their name being added to the tag.

The ability to add tags is similar to how you tag someone with a photo.

You’re able for example to tag someone’s name in a new post, then tag them with their email address to a specific person on Instagram.

And then you can then tag the person in your photo, and they’ll see the new tag and the tag in the feed.

And, finally, if a tag in a location is related to a tag you have in your location, you should be able apply the tag to both the location and the person.

So if you have a photo that you want tagged with a location tag, you only have to add the location tag to the photo.

But if you add the tag for a person, then the person will see the tag applied to both locations, and so on.

You don’t have to apply the location tagging to both tags, just the tag you’ve added for both.

It’s important to note that this is a feature that only works for the first person you tag.

For instance, if your tag is applied to someone else’s photo, it will apply to both of their photos.

But this is also a feature you should consider for the people that you tag, and the people who follow you, because this is an effective way to tag multiple people.

And of course, there’s no way to stop people from tagging you in photos, so you should take advantage of the ability and try to tag as many people as