What are the food attributes in California State University’s database? October 11, 2021 October 11, 2021 admin

A searchable database that allows you to view the attributes in a variety of foods has been created by CSUSM food scientist, and food writer, Kim Travancic.

The database was created by a team led by CSU food science professor, Dr. Jennifer Kornblum.

It’s part of a new project called “CSUSM Food Atlas” that seeks to create a visual representation of the state’s food system.

The database also has a database of state food agencies and restaurants.

Kornbuch said the database allows students to quickly and easily access information about state food and nutrition policy and provides an overview of how California food policy and food systems are currently operating.

It was created after a number of CSUSMs food programs were affected by the deadly fires in California in January.

The CSUSMB food systems have been working hard to recover and recover from the fires, and students have been able to find and access information on how the state is working to improve food safety, she said.

The food attribute database is not only about food, it’s about the people in the food system, Kornboom said.

Students can browse the database and see a list of foods from California’s food service, restaurants and other entities that are included.

They can also access a range of state and federal food policy, nutrition and agricultural policies.

Kustavarri said the team is working on a more comprehensive list.

“I think this is going to be a great tool for students, and I think the state of California and other states around the country, and the students who want to be in the industry are really excited about this project,” Kornback said.

Students can enter a food agency, restaurant or other entity, and they will be able to filter the information to see the food’s food attributes and its related to the food that students are interested in.

The project is being funded by a grant from the California Agricultural Development Fund.

Korkie said the food attribute list could be expanded to include more types of entities and organizations.

The first batch of the list will be posted on March 7, and a second batch will be released on April 2.