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We’ve all been there, the moment you hear that you’ve got a card that needs to be added to a database or that you just need to know more about. 

If you’re like me and are trying to get ahold of all the information about all the Pokemon you can find on the internet, you can’t be happy until you get it all.

That’s what we’ve all done in the past, but with Pokemon Go, we’re now starting to get the hang of it and are actually trying to figure out how to add cards to our databases.

So how can you get started?

First, you need to make sure you have the latest version of Pokemon Go for your phone. 

The app has been out for about a week, but for those who haven’t played yet, it’s still in beta.

It’s worth noting that it’s beta, but the app is still in an early stage.

This means that there may be bugs and glitches and bugs that may not be present in the official release, but that’s the point of having the app.

So don’t be scared to ask around.

If you’re still struggling with the app, you may be able to find an app like Pocket Pokemon that will help you add cards from the game.

Alternatively, you could try one of the many websites that offer Pokemon cards.

For example, Pokemon Card Exchange has a database that you can use to add your own cards to the database.

It’s a little more complex than just adding cards from Pokemon Go to your database, but it’s worth mentioning that the process can take a bit longer if you’re a new user to Pokemon Go.

If that’s you, then you should be able see how long it will take for you to add a card to your Pokemon Go database.

To add a new card, you’ll need to enter your card’s QR code and scan it.

This is done through a QR code reader in your smartphone. 

Once the QR code has been scanned, you’re able to add the card to the Pokemon Go card database by using the “Add Card” option. 

Using the card database will be the most time consuming part of this process, but if you follow the instructions, it should be relatively painless. 

Now that you have a card in your Pokemon GO database, you should see an option to add it to your card database.

Once you click on that, you will be taken to a screen that displays all the cards you’ve already added to your databases.

Once that’s done, you are able to scan your card for a Pokemon card.

If your card has not yet been added to the game database, then that will take a little while. 

It will ask you if you want to add this card to an existing card database or add a random card to a new database. 

Adding cards to a card database is the easiest part of the process, since it’s very easy to add new cards to your collection.

You simply scan a QR Code in your phone, scan a card, scan another QR Code, add it, and that’s it.

Once added to another database, Pokemon Go will add it automatically. 

What do you think about Pokemon Go cards? 

What cards are you adding to your collections? 

Do you have any cards you’re adding to a Pokemon Go Database?