A database of gun records and information pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict September 29, 2021 September 29, 2021 admin

A database for Israeli citizens who have had their Israeli citizenship revoked by the government of the state of Israel has been created by the Jerusalem Post and its parent publication, Al-Monitor.

The database, which was first published by the Israeli news website Haaretz on October 11, was based on the database of the Supreme Court, the Israeli Supreme Court said in a statement on Monday.

The new database is available to Israeli citizens regardless of whether they have a court case or are facing an administrative penalty, the Jerusalem post said.

It added that the database is also available to residents of the Palestinian territories, who can access it through the online court service, and to anyone who has filed an administrative complaint, it said.

The Israeli government has not provided a complete list of the names and addresses of Israeli citizens whose citizenship has been revoked, according to the Jerusalem report.

The Palestinian Authority is the custodian of the Israeli civil rights database.

According to the database, the information about Israeli citizens with Israeli citizenship in Israel is stored in a database of 9,200 records and a total of 6,946,000 records.

The number of Israeli citizen records is limited to the name of a person who holds Israeli citizenship, the post said, adding that some information about the number of Israelis with Israeli passports in Israel was not recorded.

The information about Palestinian citizens is not publicly available.

The Jerusalem post article The database is designed to ensure that Israeli citizens are not discriminated against, said Yehuda Glick, an attorney at the Institute for Legal Policy and Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Supreme Court has not published its decision on whether or not to revoke the citizenship of a Jewish or Arab citizen of Israel, he said.

Israeli civil society groups and individuals are also concerned about the privacy and access of the database.

“This information is the responsibility of the government, and there should be no restriction to what citizens can do with it,” Glick told Al-Jazeera.

The website has not released the list of names of the Israelis whose citizenship was revoked, the Israel Democracy Institute, which represents a number of groups in the Israeli political and social scene, told Al Jazeera.

“They have been ordered to stop using the database,” it added.

The civil society group has called on the government to publish the list so citizens can make informed decisions about whether to have their Israeli passport revoked.

The list of individuals is only available to citizens of Israel who are living in Israel and whose passports are registered in the country, said Rafi Al-Sarai, the group’s executive director.

“We are also calling on the state to release the names of Israeli nationals whose citizenship is revoked, so that the public can make a decision about whether they want to have this revoked or not,” Al-Arabiya TV quoted Al-Ashara as saying.

The news agency cited the ministry of justice as saying the database will remain in place for six months.

The ministry said it would issue an official notification to all individuals who have been notified about the database’s existence.

The country’s Civil Administration, the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Service did not respond to Al-Khalil Al-Aswad’s questions about the data.

The Civil Administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment.