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In March, the Justice Department revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been collecting information about Americans’ phone records, among other types of data.

This revelation prompted some privacy advocates to call for a database that would collect information about who has access to the data, and for companies like Yahoo and Google to build and operate their own versions of the database.

While some of these privacy advocates have already been working on a database, they have yet to come up with a design.

The Justice Department has acknowledged the need for such a database.

On March 24, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said that the NSL database was “essential” to national security and would be “designed to collect the most relevant information about individuals that can be reasonably determined.”

A report published by the Senate Intelligence Committee last week described how the NSDI was planning to build a database to collect “the most relevant and pertinent information about the people who use, access, and use information to access, access and use data in our national security systems.”

But the database is still far from being built.

A spokesperson for the National Institute of Standards and Technology told The Verge in an email that the database “is currently in its early stages of development.”

The spokesperson said that “we will continue to work with stakeholders to help develop the database.”

The spokesperson also said that this will “not be a substitute for an independent and transparent assessment of how data can be used in national security programs.”

In the meantime, privacy advocates are taking their own cues from the NSS.

The National Security Archive, which is a non-profit organization that works on data protection issues, has released a new report called “What Is the Yugen Card Database?”

It’s a list of some of the data that the NSA collects about Americans that are stored in the NST database. 

According to the report, the NSA has collected information about: • Americans who have used their phones, and • those who have been photographed or video-recorded with a phone, • individuals who have visited the Internet, and • those who have listened to music on the phone.

If you’d like to read more about the YUGOH card database and other privacy concerns, we’ve written an overview here.

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The card itself is made of four colors, with the four elements representing the cards.

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