Conservative leader David Brat on the GOP’s primary debate strategy: ‘No one’s ever going to be in charge of the country’ August 24, 2021 August 24, 2021 admin

Conservatives have spent months trying to convince the GOP that they’re going to have a better candidate than the current crop of Republican candidates in the primaries.

In their efforts, they’ve been making hay about how the GOP field is filled with unqualified candidates, like former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and former Texas Gov.

Rick Perry, and have attempted to paint their opponents as untrustworthy liars.

“I think that the Republican Party has been looking for someone that they could put in charge, who could be the best person for the job and be trusted with the country,” Brat said Thursday night during an interview with the conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.

“No one in the Republican field is the best guy to be commander in chief, but the best one is not somebody that’s ever been in charge before.”

The two-time presidential candidate has been talking about how he’s been getting ready for a primary fight for months, and he has repeatedly said that he’s not worried about being considered by anyone.

“We’re gonna have a primary debate and it’s gonna be great,” Bratt said on Ingraham’s show.

“And the only reason I’m saying that, and you know, this is my second time on the air, is because I’m trying to build trust.

We’re gonna be debating in front of the American people, and I can promise you, I’m not going to lose.”

Ingraham pushed back, asking Bratt whether he was serious.

“It’s been so long that I just can’t make any promises,” Braccat said.

“But I think that we’ve been building trust.

I think we’ve put out the kind of ads that, I don’t know, maybe even have the same kind of effect that I had in the primary.

So I think there’s an argument that it might have a real impact.

“That’s a completely different ball game.” “

The fact that they can go in there and talk about who is the worst person in the world, I think, is not going have any impact,” Brac told the conservative host.

“That’s a completely different ball game.”

And it’s not just that they’ve said some really nasty things about others in the race, Brat added.

“People are saying, ‘Oh, he’s the one that we need to worry about because he’s a racist, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he can’t get his head around what’s happening in the Middle East, he didn’t do enough to stop ISIS.'”

The question is, will they be able to convince voters that Brat isn’t just another establishment Republican?

And if he does win, it could be a huge problem for the party.

“If he wins and the country is not safe again, we’re not going back in, and if we’re safe again it’s going to cost us,” Brunt told Ingraham on Friday.

“So we’re just gonna have to keep our eye on that.”

Watch the full interview below.

*David Brat to appear on CNN: ‘I’m ready to take on Hillary Clinton in a primary’ // CNN // Amanda Chatelain – July 6, 2015 * Conservative talk show talker David Braccats latest comments about the 2016 GOP primary campaign have prompted a lot of questions from the left.

“Is it too late to change the conversation?

Is it time to stop calling it the GOP?

Are we all doomed?”

Braccatt said in a statement.

“Yes, I believe we are.

I will fight for every conservative who wants to make America great again.”

Braccatts statement comes on the heels of the RNC calling on conservatives to stop saying the GOP is a racist party, because it’s been historically and historically a white party.

He said that it was the same argument that was made in the last election and will be repeated in 2016.

Braccadt also defended his use of a racial slur during a January 2015 interview with Breitbart News, saying that it is not a racial term.

“Let me be clear: I did not mean it as a racial comment.

I was referring to the fact that I’m a former black man who was a slave,” Brtaccat explained.

“There are many people of color who are more educated and who have a greater understanding of the issues that the black community faces.

I never said it was a racist term.

I said it is a term that I think is very accurate.

It is an inaccurate term, because I did NOT mean it that way.”

“I never said that term was a racial reference, because as an African-American man who spent more than thirty years in the slave trade, I was never racist.

My comments were never meant to be racist