Why do people love anime? August 12, 2021 August 12, 2021 admin

People love anime because it has the perfect blend of humor and mystery.

It’s not so much that anime has a dark side to it as it has a light side.

There’s no mystery or tension in it.

It can be both entertaining and heartbreaking, with the characters always striving to do the right thing even when it’s against their best interests.

The American Conservative, a publication founded by the right-wing pundit and radio host Glenn Beck, lists anime as one of the top 10 reasons people love it.

The article says anime has the potential to be “a subversive tool to counter the culture of violence and misogyny that pervades the world today.”

“If there’s a reason for people to enjoy anime, it’s not because it’s the perfect form of entertainment, but because it represents a form of freedom that the mainstream is incapable of embracing,” the article reads.

The article then goes on to suggest that anime can be used to “take down the media-driven culture that oppresses, oppresses women, oppressing minorities, oppress our own people and other oppressed groups.”

That’s the kind of message you’d expect from the American Conservative’s top 10 list.

But it’s an article written by a right-winger, not a conservative.

A number of conservatives have criticized the magazine for writing the article and saying it’s in support of anime, while others have criticized how it was written.