When the Clintons go shopping: Clinton’s ‘waste of time’ July 28, 2021 July 28, 2021 admin

The Clintons have spent millions of dollars on travel, hotel rooms, golf outings and entertainment, according to newly released emails.

They have spent thousands of dollars in “waste money” on gifts and gifts for friends and family, the newly released records show.

The emails were released Wednesday as part of a lawsuit against the Clintons brought by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The documents include messages from top Clinton aides as well as senior White House officials.

The Clinton campaign said the emails showed the Clintons’ “distasteful use of their private plane and personal personal credit cards to purchase gifts and other luxuries.”

“I do not have any interest in participating in the frivolous lawsuit that has been filed,” Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin said in a December 2016 email.

“I have a job to do and am not involved in this frivolous litigation.”

The emails released Wednesday by Judicial Watch also show that the Clintons have a longstanding policy of not using personal credit or debit cards to pay for trips.

Instead, the family relies on cash, checks or personal checks from their charitable foundation.

“There is a policy not to accept credit cards or debit card payments for travel,” Cheryl Mills, a top Clinton aide who is now in private practice, wrote in a May 2016 email to top aides.

“We have done this for decades and it is not a new practice.

The only reason it is a big deal is that you can see the impact of the payment on the bank account.”

The new emails also show the Clintons paying for meals, drinks, food, drinks at the home of their former attorney general, Loretta Lynch, and for entertainment.

In an April 2016 email, Clinton wrote to aides about a family trip to Los Angeles and said, “I am having dinner at the house and am looking forward to it.

I am in a hurry.”

She added, “My husband wants to bring his wife.”

In another email, Mills noted the importance of getting “a great dinner,” adding, “she has been great to work with and we will not have to travel unless we are all in the same room.”

The email was first published by The Washington Post.

The new batch of emails comes as the Clintons continue to fight allegations of financial impropriety, particularly over the handling of donations by former President Bill Clinton.

The lawsuit, filed by Judicial Check, seeks to unseal more than 1,000 emails between then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton and top aides in an effort to force the release of documents.

Judicial Watch said Wednesday that the emails “show how the Clintons used the State Department to enrich themselves while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and that the records are essential to determine whether the Clintons improperly used their position as the nation’s chief diplomat to enrich their personal financial interests.”

The foundation, which has received nearly $50 million in donations since Bill Clinton left office in 2001, has been plagued by revelations about its finances and the way the Clintons use it.

The foundation is also embroiled in another lawsuit that is seeking to force release of emails from the former president’s private email server.

The Clintons and their legal team have said the lawsuit is a politically motivated attempt to “smear” them.

They also have argued that the law should apply to other former presidents as well.

Clinton has said she will accept a deal from Judicial Watch to turn over the emails to Congress.