Google says it is adding porn to the Google News database July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 admin

The search giant has said it will add porn to Google News, the company’s news service, to better compete with the spread of other online porn sites.

In an update to its privacy policy, Google announced that it will start requiring advertisers to list the word “porn” in the title of their ads.

The move follows a similar move by Yahoo and Facebook, which removed porn from their news and personal search results in April.

The change could affect a number of news publishers, including the Washington Post, which is owned by News Corp. Google said the move was part of a broader effort to boost its news content and promote more accurate news stories.

Google News is Google’s news platform, and it is the default search engine for users on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

It provides users with the latest news stories and other information about a wide range of topics.

Google’s move to add porn in the news section comes just weeks after the company said it would allow porn sites to be included in Google search results.

Google has been criticized for blocking news sites that violate its terms of service.

In June, the search giant announced it would add a link to the search engine that will allow users to see what news sites are blocked by default in their search results and to choose to have that news site blocked.

Google spokeswoman Kristin Gagnon said the porn-related news change was “part of a wider effort to enhance news content, and to drive more accurate and relevant news stories.”

A spokesperson for Google said, “We don’t have specific policies for porn sites, but we do think it’s important that people understand that we do not endorse the content they post.”