When the Post-ABC News Databases Database system goes public: What you need to know July 24, 2021 July 24, 2021 admin

Posted by Bloomberg View on September 23, 2018 The Post-CBS News database management software is expected to be ready for prime time next year, and there is a chance that it will also become a major competitor to Microsoft’s MS-DOS.

The Post reported Monday that Microsoft has agreed to acquire the Post database management company and add it to its Azure cloud computing services.

The company said it would sell Post-IBM’s database management platform and add Post to its enterprise database management services portfolio.

Microsoft has a deal to acquire Post-ID Software and a deal with Datasoft to sell Post’s database and related software, the Post reported.

The companies said they would provide Post with cloud computing technology, including the ability to connect to the Post’s cloud database, according to the report.

The Post-DBMS system is the product of research led by IBM, the New York Times reported.

IBM has said the Post system is capable of performing tasks that are beyond the capabilities of its own data processing systems.

Post’s software has been widely used by banks and government agencies to manage and store data for the past few years.

Post said in a statement that it was excited about the acquisition and looks forward to working with Microsoft to accelerate the transition to Post’s capabilities.

The statement said Microsoft is a pioneer in database software, and Post will be a key partner for the company’s enterprise database technology.

“The Post database system is a proven, highly scalable and cost-effective solution that delivers a wide variety of data storage, analysis and collaboration capabilities,” Post said in the statement.

This article originally appeared on Bloomberg View.