Postgres database update: The Washington Post July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021 admin

Database updates are often a matter of life and death, said Erick Pardo, a senior software developer at the Postgres Software Foundation.

“Every once in a while, there is a database update that’s very significant and has a real impact on how the business operates,” he said.

The Postgres release comes as the Post is also working on new versions of its other databases, including Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle’s Oracle Database, and IBM’s System Center.

Pardo said the latest database update for the Post’s business software, SQL Server 2016, will be released in two weeks, after a yearlong rollout.

The Post will also roll out two new versions in the coming months, and it is also making a number of other updates for PostgreSQL, including a new database engine.

The release of Postgres software is a key milestone in the Post and its ability to become a more reliable, powerful and scalable data center for its customers.

Pardo noted that Postgres is still one of the most reliable, fastest and fastest growing data centers in the world, with a 30-year track record.

But he said it also needs to be seen in a more holistic way.

“I think we can do more good with the Post if we understand how the Post data works,” he wrote.

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