How to Create a Race-Free List of Celebrities July 17, 2021 July 17, 2021 admin

Here are some tips for creating a list of celebrity-safe racist slurs.

If you are the target of a racial slur, the best thing you can do is call the police or your local public safety department, but it can be harder to report the crime.

The following is the best way to create a racial-free list of celebrities.


Write down the word, its racial, its used, its a word that’s been used in the past, 2.

Write the name of the celebrity, and a link to the photo that was used, and the link to a website where you can see the racist slur on the photo, and you can find out who was the person who said the word.


Write a summary of the racist slurs that were used in that particular incident, including the reason, and write a link below to the story in which you were the target.


Use your own dictionary to find racist words.

Some people use racist words as a way to mock or deride other groups, and they can be extremely offensive.

For example, the term “nigger” is a racial epithet that is used to describe African Americans.

If a person uses that word, it means they’re not allowed to be a part of the group.


Use Google Translate to learn the correct racial slur to use, and then write it down on the list.


Write it down in an Excel spreadsheet and print it out.


Write your racist slur list on a piece of paper, and tape it to a bulletin board or post it on social media.

It’s best to use a paper towel, because you can write on paper or in your notebook, but make sure it’s clean and dry.


Write “black” or “nigga” on the racist list.


Post your racist list on Facebook and Twitter, or on a blog.

This list can then be shared with others, who can then call the cops and ask the person to stop using the racist word.

If the racist person continues to use the racist term, they could be charged with a hate crime, so you need to use this information to file a complaint.


Call the police if you see anyone using racist language.